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The best thing about working for Tereen is that it gives me a great work life balance. I’m able to keep up with my hobbies and the managers do everything they can to help me out when I need it

Tereen Community Manager

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the carers who attend me during the last few weeks. Their kindness and caring has been much appreciated by me. Always coming into my home with a happy, friendly smile which has lifted my spirits so much. My heartfelt thanks to you all

Service User

Thank you all for looking after our mum and allowing her to live at home as she would have wished


Please can I give feedback about how excellent the care is that Tereen provide. As a family we are very pleased at how well staff care for my father. The staff are brilliant!


All the carers were caring and professional. They took an interest in all his concerns and made his last few weeks very comfortable


So happy to work for you. Awesome company!

You have a fantastic team. The girls do a fantastic job and my mum is a much happier person due to their care and dedication. Keep up the good work


I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your service. Chloe is a huge asset to you and we are so pleased to see her. Mum really likes her and is so much brighter once she has visited. Everyone who comes has been very kind and we are grateful for consistency as we know it is not always possible.


Thank you all so much for the care and kindness you gave my dear husband. All the girls are lovely and very professional and I miss their visits. We have had a few teams along the way and yours is excellent. May your good standards continue